STUDIO MYR is the independent knitwear label of fashion designer Miriam Lenarts. Inspired by her unstoppable passion for the ancient tradition of knitting, nature, and fashion, she designs unique collections for both men and women. Pure materials are being transformed into a pure, timeless style.

Her products are being defined by refinement, elegance, and playfulness. The silhouette is slender and graceful. The properties and qualities of the yarns determine to a large extent the shape and function of the product. Moreover, the craft of knitting itself is an important source of inspiration.

Sustainability is another major aspect of her work, both in design and in production. The collections are being produced in Holland, according to the “zero waste” principle, with respect for man and nature. In order to prevent over-production, she produces only on a small scale and keeps very small stock.

STUDIO MYR produces no seasonal collections, but each collection is being maintained and extended every new season. Due to this policy, the timelessness of the designs, and the high quality of the yarns, one can enjoy her creations for many years.

STUDIO MYR designs for men and women, who consciously choose unique and high-quality knitwear, made in a responsible way on a small scale.